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Autotow Accident Towing Sydney, provides Fast, Affordable Tow Truck Services. Yes, we are Licenced to tow for all Insurance companies. Call Now for a top Quote and immediate HELP.

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We Are A Professional Licensed Sydney Accident Towing Company

Autotow accident towing services understand the heartache and the emotions of just being involved in a motor vehicle accident. By far, the most compassionate side of being a good Sydney tow truck company is the accident side of towing. 

Autotow Pty Ltd is highly experienced in incident scene management. We will attend the accident scene and calmly offer you the right advice. We tow for all major insurance companies. Autotow towing is fully licensed and insured through the appropriate NSW government department (TTLC) to attend and help you at accident scenes. 

Therefore you can trust Autotow Accident Towing Sydney. With over 140 years of combined industry experience, we have the compassion and knowledge to deal with any situation.

We tow for all major insurance companies. They trust us, So you too can trust us. Call Today!

We are a professional Sydney towing company. So when we are at the accident scene, we are not there to sell you anything. We are there to HELP you make an informed decision about your accident towing needs.

Autotow offers to tow your vehicle to any destination you may request. If you are undecided at the time of the incident or too stressed to make an informed decision, We offer a fully secured undercover holding yard facility. Of course, it has back to base security cameras and is a fully insured premise. The holding yard facility is indeed approved by the accident tow truck licensing and compliance division of the NSW government.

The next day after the shock of the event has settled, and you are in a clear frame of mind to think. We will contact you and assist you in making an informed decision.

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Most of our motor vehicle accident tow truck operators have been working in Sydney for almost 30 years. They can tell you where every pot hole is on any road in Sydney.

Consequently, we are very familiar with all the accident hot spots. Indeed we have a thorough knowledge of all the Sydney suburbs and roadways. Therefore, when you need high quality informed motor vehicle accident assistance, know that you can call us, and we will be there directly to help you.

Our tow truck fleet is fully insured. Including on-hook insurance, so whenever your vehicle is in our possession, whether it be on the back of our accident tow trucks or in our holding yard facility, you have the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe.

Indeed Our local accident tow truck call Centre operates 24 hours – 7 days per week. We have years of experience in local knowledge within our team. Should you find yourself in a tricky situation, or even lost on one of Sydney’s Tricky roads. Autotow will find you just by mentioning some nearby landmarks, enabling us to dispatch one of our  fully licensed and accredited accident tow truck drivers to your destination immediately.

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Autotow Accident Towing Sydney, provides Fast, Affordable Tow Truck Services. Licenced to tow for all Insurance companies. Click Here for a Quick Quote.

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Autotow Accident Towing services follows all insurance company protocols. So no matter which Insurance company you are insured with, our accident towing team has the insurance companies trust and expertise to assist you.

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Autotow PTY LTD are the preferred accident towing contractors for most of Sydney's major Insurance companies. Call Us Today!

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